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    Covert D8 Disposables


    Covert D8 Disposables

    Covert D8 Disposables 1gr Rechargeable

    Orange Creamsicle (Sativa)

    Garanimals (Indica)

    Apple Fritter (Hybrid)

    Gusherz (Hybrid)

    Kush Mints (Hybrid)

    Strawberries and Cream (Hybrid)

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    Covert Delta-8 & THC-O Pre-Rolls


    Covert Delta-8 & THC-O Pre-Rolls 2 pack

    Covert Delta-8 & THC-O Pre-Rolls Our pre-rolls are handcrafted using premium hand ground top shelf indoor flower. Using our unique method of frozen infusion, we blend our flower with superior Delta 8 and THC-O distillate to create the smoothest pre-roll on the market. Every Covert pre-roll embodies our dedication to quality, potency, and luxury.

    • Alpine OG  (I)   • Gelato (H)   • Pink Panther (S)   • Skunk (S)