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    Lights Out THCh THCjd Gummies


    Lights Out THCh THCjd Gummies by Delta Extrax

    Lights Out Collection

    We’ve turned off the lights and combined some well known + unknown cannabinoids in this one of a kind collection. You’ll find a steady blend of: Delta 9 THC, THCh, THCjd, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC. There’s no other blend of cannabinoids like this out there! Turn off the lights, pop a gummy, and enjoy the ride. Also, the potency of these gummies is nothing to play with. This is something that you’re going to have to experience for yourself.

    • 125mg of THC blend per gummy
    • 2,500mg of THC blend total 20 gummies per jar
    • 1,250mg of THC blend total 10 gummies per pack