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  • Canvast Drifters CBN Gummies 10 & 20 Count Bags

    Canvast Drifters CBN Gummies


    Canvast Drifters CBN Gummies

    Canvast Drifters CBN Gummies feature a broad-spectrum blend focused on CBN and CBD with the added benefit of 50mg of L-Theanine per gummy – making this a THC FREE edible. Drift into your evening with Drifters™ Flavors include a mix of Passionfruit, Dragonfruit, and Blueberry Pomegranate. Made with vegan and organic ingredients.

  • Sale! PharmaCBD D8 50mg Watermelon Rings

    PharmaCBD 50mg D8 Watermelon Rings

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    Succulent and sweet, just like taking a great big bite out of a ripe watermelon slice, these tasty Hemp-Derived 50mg Delta-8 Watermelon Ring Gummies will make every day feel like summer. You’ll find yourself relaxing and enjoying this treat as the delectable flavor introduces the calming properties of 50 milligrams of Delta 8 THC.

  • Sale! KOI Delta-10 Gummies 25mg 20 count jar

    KOI Delta-10 Gummies

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    Seize your day with energizing Delta-10 THC, a fresh new form of THC made from hemp. Perfect for awakening your right brain or tackling that project that once seemed impossible. Choose from five delightful flavors, with each tasty gummy infused with 25 mg of Delta-10 THC for uplifting effects that keep your motivation flying high.

    Koi Delta 10 Gummies are made according to cGMP regulations and carefully blended to ensure consistency. Third-party lab testing verifies compliance and purity.

    Note: Delta-10 THC is NOT CBD and the resulting effect is felt strongly by most people.

    Our Koi Delta 10 THC Gummies are the perfect midday lift when you need to be productive.

  • cbdMD Hemp Delta-9 blue razz 6 pack

    cbdMD Hemp Delta-9 Gummies 5 Pack


    cbdMD Hemp Delta-9 10mg Gummies

    Using these gummies just might be the tastiest way to get the full benefits of THC and CBD together. With flavors like cherry and blue razz, you will be reaching for these every day. Just like with any CBD or THC products, it’s important to start slow and allow your body to adjust. We recommend starting out with the suggested serving size which is a quarter of a gummy. After a few weeks you can up your intake to achieve your desired effect. However, do not take more than one gummy in a 24-hour period.

    Because each of these gummies contain 10 mg of THC per serving, it’s important to note that they may have an intoxicating effect depending on your tolerance to THC. Depending on your needs, most will use these Delta 9 gummies as a way to wind down after a long day.

  • Sale! Anza Gold Delta-8 Gummies Group

    ANZA GOLD Delta-8 Gummies 600mg per bag

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    ANZA GOLD Delta-8 Gummies. From the rolling hills of the Anza Valley, Ca. White Owl Farm grown hemp.

    600mg Delta 8 per bag.

    20 gummies per bag.

    30mg Delta-8 per gummy.

    Choose from Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Bar or Key Lime Pie.

  • Loud 100mg D8 Gummies

    100mg Delta-8 Gummies 6-Pack


    6-Pack of 100mg Delta-8 Gummies. Assorted Flavors.

    A total of 600mg of Delta-8.

    Low tolerance start with 1/4 of a single gummy. Wait one hour before taking more.


  • High Hopes Delta-8 THC 50mg each

    High Hopes 50mg Delta-8 Gummies


    Choose from five flavors: Pineapple Paradise, Totally Tropical, Strawnana Sheeesh, Raging Watermelon, Electric Blueberry.

  • 3Chi Delta-8 CBN Comfortably Numb 200mg Gummies

    3Chi Comfortably Numb Delta-8 THC:CBN Gummies


    Content Per Gummy: 25mg (12.5 mg Delta-8 : 12.5 mg CBN)

    8 Pack Gummies 200mg (100 mg Delta-8 : 100 mg CBN).

    16 Pack Gummies 400mg (200 mg Delta-8 : 200 mg CBN).

  • Sale! KOI Delta-8 25mg Gummies 7 flavors

    Koi Delta-8 THC 25mg Gummies


    Seven flavors: Blue Razz, Lime, Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape or Sour Cherry.

    25mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy

    *(KOI has discontinued MANGO flavor. Our current stock is the last batch of Mango)