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  • Canvast Crumble Jar

    Canvast Shifters D8 Crumble


    This is 1 gram of Delta-8 Shifters™ Crumble by Canvast Supply Co., a concentrate in a premium fluffy dabbable form, crumble.

    Crumble is made at lower temperatures than other concentrates, which preserves more of the terpenes and the strain’s natural flavoring. It’s also agitated to mix air into the final product, which gives the crumble a velvety, fluffy texture.

    Mixed with cannabis terpenes, this crumble is ultra-potent and elicits an intense euphoria!

  • Canvast Shifters D8 Caviar Group

    Canvast Shifters D8 Caviar


    Canvast Caviar is our take on the cannabis moonrock. Canvast Delta 8 and CBD Caviar™ is a great addition to roll up in your pre-rolls or a perfect topper to a bowl pack. Caviar is recommended for experienced consumers and is highly potent. Use glassware like a bong or pipe- Our CBD and Delta 8 Caviar is dense, sticky, and is best broken up with a grinder. Put it on top of some hemp flower to help it stay lit and boost your cannabinoid intake.